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Brands MSN Emotions

These are branded emotions. We will be adding more images of your favourite brands soon, until then, check out our favourites, including the google letters!

Adding our images is simple! Just follow the simple steps below.

1. Choose your desired emotion from our site and save it on your PC.
2. Open an instant message window.
3. Click on the arrow next to the smiley emotion.
4. Click on "My Emoticons" then "Add"
5. Click "Find Image" then browse to the saved file.
6. Enter a Keyboard Shortcut.
7. Press OK! Then you're done!

This website and domain name is in no way affiliated with Microsoft, MSN or MSN Messenger. All we do is provide free emotions for our visitors to download. So please leave us alone :)

We hope you enjoy your visit to MSN Emotions, we will be adding more Letters 3D emotions soon so come back often.

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